Paul SanGregory

Paul SanGregory’s music has been performed at festivals and concerts throughout the world and has also been broadcast and discussed on radio and TV in the US, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand. His music has been funded by the National Culture and Arts Foundation of the Republic of China and The National Center for Traditional Arts - Taiwan Music Institute. Various CDs containing his music and arrangements have been published by Capstone Records/Parma Recordings, Taiwan Composers Association, Leyerle Publications, ShineCreativity co., The Baroque Camerata, Lumiere Records, Novana Records and Early Music Society Taiwan.

After earning a DM in composition from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music on a university fellowship, he taught composition and theory at the University of Indianapolis and the University of Toledo (Ohio) before moving to Taiwan. Since that time he has lived in Kaohsiung, teaching at National Kaohsiung Normal University, National Sun Yat-Sen University, and National Pingtung University. He has also coached, conducted and composed for NKNU’s Contemporary Chamber Music Ensemble and for many years served as resident composer of the Succession Percussion Group. He is currently a Professor of Music at National Kaohsiung Normal University and serves on the board of directors for both the Asian Composers League’s Taiwan Section and The Taiwan Composers Association.

桑磊栢(Paul SanGregory,美國俄亥俄州人,生於1964年)為一涉略廣泛、作品多元之作曲家。他的作品曾多次在北美洲、歐洲、俄國、台灣、中國、韓國、日本、東南亞、澳洲、紐西蘭、南非等地區發表,而且在美國NPR附屬電台WFIU 及 WFMT 與其他在台灣、香港、日本、紐西蘭、歐洲的電台、電視、網路被播放與探討過。桑先生的音樂獲得財團法人國家文化藝術基金會贊助,也受邀委託創作與編曲,計有:國立傳統藝術中心臺灣音樂館、戒嚴時期政治受難者財團法人補償基金會、薪傳打擊樂團、 The East Asian Music Festival (日本廣島)、巴洛克獨奏家樂團、台東愛樂協會、台南室內合唱團、高雄室內合唱團、國立高雄師範大學、國立屏東大學、印第安那州私立Indianapolis大學、俄亥俄州立Toledo大學等;桑磊栢之作品收錄於高雄市古代音樂協會、美國Capstone Records /Parma Recordings、Lumiere Records、Novana Records、Leyerle Publications 公司與、台灣作曲家協會、響享文創股份有限公司、巴洛克獨奏家樂團所錄製出版之CD中。

桑先生自美國印地安那大學 (Bloomington, Indiana)取得音樂博士學位,主修作曲(DM in Composition)。來台前,桑先生教授於美國俄亥俄州立Toledo大學及印第安那州私立Indianapolis大學;現定居高雄市,多年來任教於國立高雄師範大學、國立中山大學與國立屏東大學,教授作曲、樂理相關課程以及指導與指揮現代室內樂團,目前專任於國立高雄師範大學教授作曲與樂理相關課程;除此,也是亞洲作曲家聯盟台灣總會以及台灣作曲家協會的理事。