Piano Trio

for violin, cello and piano

Recorded excerpts from each movement of the Trio can be heard at the following links:

This piece was written for the Pro Arte Trio and, to a large degree, was inspired by their playing. After hearing them perform pieces from the standard repertory, I decided that this piece would be based on a similar type of musical dialogue with them. It is no surprise then, that this trio borrows from the traditions of Classical and Romantic chamber music.

Primarily, this trio relates to tradition in terms of its structure and thematic dialogue. The first movement is created out of two musical ideas. One is a slow and lyrical violin solo, while the other is faster, with wide leaps and more rhythmic activity. Similar to sonata form, this movement develops out of the contrast and intersection of these two basic characters. The second movement is an energetic scherzo, while the third is slow, simple and reflective. The final movement is a type of rondo. It includes themes that are lyrical and flowing as well as light and syncopated. Later, these are reworked to become more forceful and loud. Finally, the slow and lyrical violin solo of the first movement returns. I brought this theme back to help create a sense of closure and as a way of tipping my hat to the great composers of the past who have used such techniques themselves.

(duration ca. 23 minutes)

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