Celebration Fanfares

(2008, 2022)

This energetic and celebratory piece was originally composed for conductor Ya-Ping Wang and the National Pingtung University Orchestra, which at the time had limited instrumentation. Later, the piece was somewhat revised and a complete brass sections was used. An excerpt from the premiere of the first version (with limited brass section) can be heard at this YouTube link:
Celebration Fanfared (excerpt of the original orchestration)

As is expected of a fanfare, this piece begins with a bright, energetic and optimistic mood, with timpani and tom-toms adding to the excitement of the loud brass. Woodwinds and strings then add busy accompaniment textures made of faster notes. There is some contrast of less busy and more lyrical melodies, but before long the loud fanfares return to finish the first main section of this piece. Then, horns and chimes announce a transition leading to a quiet, lyrical middle section made of intertwining woodwind solos. As that quiet and somewhat mysterious sounding “B” section ends, the transition of horns and chimes quietly returns, then builds up to a modified reprise of the energetic fanfares of the first part.

(duration ca. 8:30)

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