Opposing Forces

for large chamber ensemble

Listen to an excerpt of Opposing Forces at the following link:
Opposing Forces (excerpt)

This piece is inspired by the image of a sailing ship and how it uses different forces of the wind and sea to navigate its course. Even though the prevailing winds, unpredictable gusts of wind, waves, and sea currents may all be coming from different directions, a skilled crew can work those forces both with and against each other to control the ship’s course and propel it forward.

This music begins quietly, with a layering of different ideas representing gentle winds, calm seas and slowly moving ocean currents. These ‘forces’ constantly interact with each other and create a forward momentum. There is a building complexity, but the overall effect is pleasant, like a calm sea voyage. Eventually, though, wind speeds increase and the situation changes. Although the same musical ideas continue recycling, the overall character changes, becoming less stable and more dramatic. It might even seem like the crew could lose control of the ship.

(duration ca. 9:15)


2 flutes (fl 2 doubles piccolo)
2 oboes
2 horns in F



2 violins

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