for violin and piano

Linya Su (蘇鈴雅) recorded this piece on her CD “Joy”.
Other performances can be heard at these links:

The piece Reverberation is comprised of four separate movements. The first begins simply, in the manner of a prelude, but builds to more emotional statements before it finishes. The second is quick and playful, while the third is essentially a slow and lonely melody. The fourth movement then finishes the set with rambunctiousness and energy. Reverberation was conceived with two main objectives in mind: to adhere to simple, direct formal designs and to be idiomatic for the instruments. In keeping with these intentions, the musical materials of the piece are more often simply stated than expounded upon and sometimes take on the guise of brief repetitions. These repetitions, which often function as short echoes, are actually one of the reasons why I chose the title Reverberation for this music. Another reason is that the piano often creates images of reverberating spaces in which the violin's melodies are then placed.

(performance time ca. 9 minutes)

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