Shaping Metal

for percussion duo: vibe. + multi

The score and parts for Shaping Metal may be purchased from Sheet Music Plus.
A performancy by Ju Percussion Group can be seen on YouTube.

This piece evokes the creation of a large metal sculpture and the various natural sounds that inspired it. Percussion instruments are used to evoke the quiet sounds of water bubbles, rain, ocean waves, a bird call... Then there are also many metallic scraping, tapping, dragging and hammering sounds evoking the sculptures creation. The sculpture itself is represented by a bright colorful chord succession, but the complete succession doesn't immediately appear. While the artist is still "gathering metal materials" and working on the sculpture, the chords appear as various isolated arpeggios in and around the various other sounds of the piece. It isn't until the sculpture begins taking shape that the tempo increases and the chords become recognizable as a theme.

This piece requires performers with good ears for color and a knack for finding just the right way to strike or scrape an instrument (instructions are provided on the score). Also, there is much changing of mallets and/or the way they are held, and at times the vibraphone part requires wide-ranging fast arpeggios.

(performance duration ca. 7:30)

Instrumentation for Shaping Metal

Performer 1:
large suspended cymbal (22" preferred)

Performer 2:
1 pair of bongo drums
bass drum
rain stick
large suspended cymbal (20" preferred)
large tam-tam
2 brake drums (with high and low pitch)

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