After the Rain
for flute, violin and piano


The inspiration for this piece comes from a poem that describes the aftermath of a summer storm. The central image is a single drop of water that sparkles in a beam of sunlight. This music, however, begins with aggressive and unsettled sections that depict the turbulence of a summer storm. Eventually, this unsettled feeling gives way to a briskly flowing violin melody that is accompanied by rain-like figurations in the flute and piano parts. Finally, as this cloudburst passes, the music arrives at the intimacy and delicacy of the poem's single drop of water.

(Duration Ca. 6:30)

Mist and Musing Eyes

glistening branches shed their tears
as rain drifts on into memory
and from the night of space arrives
a golden streaming light

passing skillfully through a place
between the moving clouds
it finds a single clinging drop
that now can never fall

but the ray and this tiny prism
will both soon cease to be
as union finds their beauties dispersed
to mist and musing eyes


(poem © 1997 Paul SanGregory)