for solo guitar


This music is a tribute to L. Scott Dean, who has lived most of his life in the Cleveland, Ohio area and was commissioned by his brother Kent Harbison Dean and wife Gene. In some ways, it is a simple piece, yet as it unfolds it refrains from being too obvious or direct. There are times when a musical result is not exactly what a note, chord or phrase might have initially seemed to imply. This approach was used in the hopes of represent the dedicatee in a subtler and deeper way and with the intent of leaving some spaces open for various listener interpretations. I don’t actually know the dedicatee, but was provided with a few adjectives that describe his personality and some of those were used as a guide in crafting this music. Also, since Scott is a septuagenarian with a rich and varied list of life experiences, it seems most fitting that the overall tone of this piece be one of retrospection, as if someone is quietly surveying a life lived well.

Duration Ca. 4:45.