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for oboes and piano


Each movement of this lighthearted piece has its own special character and texture, and each requires careful attention be paid to a different ensemble technique. The first movement has sharply articulated chords played by piano, with oboes sustaining some of the notes as long quiet reverberations. Then, performers take turns playing melodic phrases in and around that atmosphere of changing harmonic colors. The second movement is called “Chant” because the lyrical melody seems somewhat austere, perhaps like a ritualistic chant, and because it is performed by two voices in a quasi organum-like style. Unlike a religious ceremony, though, the accompaniment for this melody is a brightly busy texture of chattering oboes with warmly articulated piano chords and occasional sparkles added. It uses a process technique borrowed from minimalist music, but a strong melodic and harmonic sweep gently carries it through to its delicate ending.

(performance time ca.6 minutes)

A performance of Sextet for Oboes and Piano can be heard on YouTube:
Sextet for Oboes and Piano