Lures of Antiquity
for fl, cl, vl, vc, pf, perc


The title Lures of Antiquity relates to this music on two separate levels. First, the music is inspired by aspects of the human spirit that have always been an integral part of our collective existence, namely: the universal appeal of solemn ceremonies or rituals, and the simpler, more earthly aspects of life's pleasures. Secondly, the title refers to a musical "looking back" that I sometimes engaged in while writing this piece. Although there are no specific references to other types of music here, various cultural memories sometimes served as my inspiration.

Formally, this music is divided into four large continuous sections: slow (with increasing motion)-fast-slow-fast. Though there are no breaks between sections, each one is treated somewhat as a separate movement, with its own internal structuring. The end result is a form that is more complicated than a simple S-F-S-F model, but one that nonetheless conforms to this scheme on its broadest level.

(performance time ca.14:30)