Fanfares, Scherzo and Aria
for 2tpt, hrn, tbn, bass tbn


As its title suggests, there are three types of music used in "Fanfares, Scherzo and Aria". The piece begins with a short fanfare that functions as an introduction to a three-part form of Scherzo-Aria-Scherzo/Fanfare. The scherzo begins lightly and builds to a quasi big band climax. The middle section then contrasts this mood with its slow and expressive horn "aria". Finally, the last section combines elements of both the scherzo and the fanfare, first as a re-transition from the aria and eventually as a loud and brassy fanfare that serves as a coda to the entire piece. This piece was written primarily as a concert opener for my doctoral recital, hence the use of both fanfare and scherzo materials. The aria however, was added as a formal and compositional challenge, as well as an exploration of the subtler and moodier sides of brass playing.

(duration ca. 6:30)