Chinese and Taiwanese Songs
arranged (and/or re-composed) for Baroque chamber ensembles


These songs were originally arranged for the Baroque chamber ensemble Melothesia, who played many of them as encore pieces during concert tours. Melothesia has also recorded several of these arrangements on a CD entitled "Melothesia", which was produced by Early Music Society Taiwan. Instrumentation for these songs can be somewhat flexible and continuo parts may be played without harpsichord.

Songs for:
flute/recorder, oboe, bassoon, gamba, harpsichord

(gamba and harpsichord are used as continuo)

Fengyang Huagu(China)

Hengchun Diao (Taiwan)

Jin Wan Yueliang Xingguang Duo Mei Hao (Taiwan aborigine song)

Kangding Qingge (China)

Moli Hua (China)

Si Xiang Qi (Taiwan)

Songs for:
recorder, oboe, violin, cello/bassoon and harpsichord


In That Far-away Place(China)
[harpsichord plays continuo]

Swallow (China)

Songs for:
recorder, oboe, gamba and harpsichord


Dark Clouds (Taiwan)

Northwest Rain Pouring Down (Taiwan)

Under the Silver Moonlight (China) [harpsichord used as continuo]