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(solo piano)
Capricious Fantasy
(solo piano

Six Preludes
(solo piano)
Time Preludes
(solo piano)
Prelude Impressions
(solo piano)
Meditations on a Chord
(solo marimba)
Marimba Pop
(solo marimba)
Poor Heinrich
(solo guitar)
(solo guitar)

Accompanied Solos
and Duos

Movements of Light
(piano duo)
Lightly Suite
(violin and guitar)
Hexachordal Blues
(violin and piano)
(violin and piano)
(violin duo)
Finding Traces
(clarinet and piano)
Nocturnal Blue
(clarinet and piano)
After Hours
(concerto arr. for cl & pf)
Three Short Pieces
(alto sax and piano)
Four Epigrams
(duo for sop. sax and alto sax)
Informal Discourse
(flute and vibraphone)

Trios and Quartets

After the Rain
(fl, vl, pf)
Three Vignettes
(fl, ob, pf)
(vl, vc, pf)
Episodes 2
(string quartet)

Other Chamber Ensembles

Four Poems
(string quartet with percussion)
Shining Through Cracks
(oboe, piano and string quartet)
Fanfares, Scherzo and Aria
(2 tpt, hn, tbn, bass tbn)
Ensemble √Čtude No.1 (drums)
(for 5 performers on 5 drums)
Quintet for Clarinets
(3 Bb cl, Bb-bass cl, Eb-contra cl)
The Great Sage Equaling Heaven
(woodwind quintet with piano)
Lures of Antiquity
(fl, cl, vl, vc, pf, perc)
(fl, hn, vl, vc, pf, perc)
(five oboes with piano)
(pf, perc, string quintet)

Larger Chamber Ensembles

Chamber Concerto
(fl/picc, ob/Eng hn, hn, 2 tpt, pf, strings)
Mystic Illusion
(fl, cl, bn, pf, perc, strings)
For Ancient Celebrations
(fl, cl, hn, tpt, 2 tbn, 2 perc, string quintet)
Eastern Concertato
(2fl, 2ob, bn, 2hn, perc, pf, string quintet)
Opposing Forces
(violin duo)
Concerto for Percussion
(soloist, perc. ensemble of 6 or 9 players)


Double Concerto (To a Future...)
(fortepiano, harpsichord and strings)
Concerto for Perc. and Orch.
(2222 4220 timp, 2 perc, soloist, strings)
Symphony "Stellar Convergence"
(2232 4220 timp, 2 perc, pf, strings)
Stellar Convergence
(2232 4220 timp, 2 perc, pf, strings)
Dark Passage
(2232 4220 timp, 2 perc, pf, strings)
Scattering Light
(2232 4220 timp, 2 perc, pf, strings)
Celebration Fanfares
(2231 2200 timp, 3 perc, pf, strings)
Becoming the Night
(triple winds, timp, 3 perc, hp, pf, strings)


After Hours
(concerto for sax and band)

Vocal Solos

Three Songs
(mezzo, vc, pf - or - mezzo, pf)
Songs Inspired by Zhuangzi
(sop, cl, fp - or - sop, fl, pf)
Songs of Distance
(sop, pf)


Rhththm and Fugue
(SSA - a cappella)
(SSA - a cappella)
Angus Dei
(SSAA, fl, ob, cl, string quintet)
Motet: Lux aiterna-Clear September morning
(SATB - a cappella)
Taiwan Sketch: A lullaby for Taiwan
(SATB - a cappella)
Four Songs
(SATB - a cappella)


Chinese and Taiwanese Songs
(Baroque chamber ensemble)
Three Taiwanese Songs
(SSA choir - a cappella)
Diu-Diu Dang
(SATB or SSAA choir - a cappella)