Rhythm and Fugue

for SSA a cappella choir

Listen to an excerpt of Rhythm and Fugue at this link:
Rhythm and Fugue (excerpt)

This piece was written for the student choir of the National Kaohsiung Normal University Music Department, whose conductor asked for "something rhythmically challenging and fun". I therefore hope that this composition will be heard as a light-hearted and energetic parody of "big band" jazz music. Just as Baroque composers indulged in musical reminiscing of older dance rhythms in their own suites and sonatas, I have borrowed syncopations (and some harmonies) from an earlier era in the hopes of capturing an abstracted version of its dance music. Of course, my music is not jazz anymore than my fugue adheres to all the traditions of Baroque technique. Yet I hope it will instill a similar spirit of rhythmic energy nonetheless.

When performed at its minimum tempo, this piece will last almost four minutes. However, faster tempos are encouraged. For this piece, singers should have a good rhythmic sense and be able to swing naturally.

(performance time ca. 4 minutes, or less)

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