Agnus Dei

for SSAA choir, flute, oboe, clarinet and string quintet

An excerpt of Agnus Dei can be heard at this link:
Agnus Dei (excerpt)

This piece was composed for the National Kaohsiung Normal University Choir and several student instrumentalists. Because it is based on a section of text from the Roman Catholic Mass, I borrowed some stylistic influences from earlier Mass traditions. Thus, my basic approach is that of 'modal counterpoint' with imitation. But unlike a Renaissance Mass, this counterpoint is freer, the textures vary more, and the presentation is more dramatic. Reflecting the text's meaning, my music begins in a quiet respectful manner, then becomes more forceful and anxious with the words "have mercy on us". The piece then ends quietly and solemnly, as a simple prayer for peace.

(performance duration ca. 4:30)

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